The Wisdom of Peach

Naomi’s reaction was swift. As the car engine cut out, she leapt out of the driver’s seat and swung open the door behind. With eager anticipation she piled her grocery shopping onto the object of her delight. Her fingers, white with strain, gripped the sides of the large item as she twisted and puffed to get the thing out of the car. Success brought a smile of satisfaction as Naomi pushed the car door shut with her foot. The short walk to the front door was somewhat precarious as there were a few steps and some uneven ground. Naomi couldn’t see the path in front of her due to the size of her burden. Through the glass panel in the door however, she could see her golden Labrador eager to welcome her home.

What a kerfuffle as Naomi maneuvered herself to the kitchen while Peach, the dog, lavished affection on her owner.

“Oh Peach”, Naomi chuckled, “wait til you see what I’ve bought, an early Christmas present”. Naomi emptied the groceries onto the kitchen bench, then gently lowered her gift triumphantly to the floor. Peach ignored the monstrosity while dancing around Naomi’s legs, relishing every pat on the head. Naomi reached out her arm to demonstrate the importance of the new item and made an announcement.

“A new bed Peach, now you’re full grown. This is your forever bed”. Naomi patted the sumptuous cushion lining the oversized dog basket. Peach wagged her tail, gazing at Naomi while taking no notice of the basket. Maybe it’s not in the right position thought Naomi. The dog basket was moved to the place where Peach usually slept, an old flat cushion with a worn blanket over the top. Naomi kicked the old cushion away and carefully laid the new basket into position. Peach continued to wag her tail, sniffed at the basket, lowered her head then turned away to lay herself on the old cushion. Naomi shrugged and began to reason with Peach.

“It wasn’t cheap you know. It’s the best I could get. Comfortable and stylish, my attempt at build back better”. Naomi’s words drifted into the ceiling, Peach responded with a wag of her tail, while her head remained snuggled into the old, worn cushion. Naomi then climbed into the dog basket and sat down cross legged.

“Come Peach, come on”, Naomi patted her leg and tried to coax Peach over. To no avail, Peach got as far as lifting her head but made no attempt to join her owner. Stalemate was broken by a loud intrusive ringtone. Naomi reached to her back pocket to answer the phone.

“Hey Nay, what are you doing this sunny day?” a friend asked.

“Almost a lotus position”, replied Naomi with a sigh.

“What?” chuckled her friend, “Where are you?”

“In a dog basket at home”, Naomi said.

“I was thinking of doing lunch today, at the usual. Or would you prefer I bring you round some dog biscuits?”

“Lunch out sounds good. I can try and get a refund on the new bed which Peach refuses to entertain. My attempts to build back better are not appreciated”.

“Ha, well there was nothing wrong with her old bed, save yourself some money, you can spend it on lunch”.

There it was, like a scene from last week, Peach’s old cushion and blanket back in its usual place, with Peach curled up and content. Meanwhile Naomi wobbled her way back to the car carrying the unwelcome dog basket. In the pet store negotiations for a refund were brief and uneventful as it had only been purchased hours earlier. Lunch was delicious and fun.

Naomi’s friend teased her around the buying the dog basket for herself and not really for Peach. With a smile Naomi admitted she had thought it would ‘look stylish’ and was more a décor rather than a dog decision. Naomi acknowledged her friend’s honest appraisal. 

“Good friends and good food are such a great mix”, stated Naomi. 

“A bit like Peach and her old cushion”, her friend lifted her coffee cup and clinked cups with Naomi with a toast,

“Here’s to friends, food and the wisdom of Peach”.

“Yes”, nodded Naomi, “The wisdom of Peach”.

By Helen Buckle – Creative Writer … (who appreciates good friends, good food, and Wisdom!)