Scenic Rim Regional Cadets Create Cool Tanks!

Tanks Judged By ‘Best Tankman In Tamborine’ …

Recently the 7 to 10 year old ROC’s of the Scenic Rim Regional Cadets (based in Tamborine) were given the task of creating tanks from recyclable materials as a project for their unit. It sounds like fun but for budding cadets there were additional requirements and challenges. 

Not only did they have to build the tank, they also had to name the tank, and write a report on what it does (eg. infiltration – scouting enemy territory, a troop carrier), what weaponry it has, any specialties it may have (eg. first aid), and what parts are in the tank (eg. artillery power). 

And of course the best judge in the district (possibly world) was called in to scrutinise the entries, Tim the Tankman (from Tankride).Points of criteria used to judge the tanks were: which was the ‘coolest looking tank’ and the ‘best described’. A tough call! The winners were awarded very cool tank trophies made from lego at a ROC Camp.