Are You Game?

The Evolution Of The Practice … 

Everybody knows how I’d loved my practice in whatever sport I played, cricket or table tennis, even down to doing the racing form if you consider that a sport, lol, but often the hardest part was finding a way to have the cricket ball thrown at you. Mum could only handle throwing so many balls a week, and our house certainly couldn’t afford to have one of the automatic ball spitters. But that was the eighties as I was recently alighted to.

I was at my nephew’s 14th birthday and after our annual Big Mac eating competition, by the way that’s a sport also, he summoned me to his pergola area where the champion of all inventions was set up ‘the present’! It’s a basketball game with eight different settings, fairly simple in design two hoops, four balls, with most games being against the clock. So much fun, we played for an hour nonstop, but the hidden beauty of this machine, Mum and Dad as we lead into Christmas, is its ability if desired to play on your own.

So in thirty years we’ve gone from one bat, one ball, and a constant parent bugging to an almost space-like compact machine awaiting our company 24/7. Whether it be sunny and forty, or wet and chilly, a group of players or just us solo, who knows where we will be in another thirty?! Maybe George Jetson was right, only those over forty will know what I mean. One thing I do know, life’s exciting and just begging us to live it fully!

So until next month, shoot for the stars!

By Big Dave (Tamborine Mountain Foodworks)