Councillor Comments For September 2022

Cr Jeff McConnell – Division 2

“These are my own personal views. I do not purport to speak on behalf of Council.”

Road Upgrades

The first 6 months of this year saw an incredible impact on our road infrastructure due to the constant rain periods and flooding. Council road teams have been stretched to their limit repairing roads and fixing potholes. The following roads have been repaired:

Biddaddaba Road – road edges resurfaced with new mix of bonded road base mix

Creamer Road – graded and resurfaced with a new mix of bonded road base, drainage issues fixed

Karen Court – road edges resurfaced and drainage issues fixed

Larch Road – road edges

Leach Road – road edges

Riemore Estate – potholes fixed and spoon drain drainage issue in Ballantrae court fixed

Walnut Road – dangerous pothole fixed

Vonda Youngman Drive – road edges

Upcoming Works – include the long-awaited repair to Wagonwheel Road just inside the intersection and some drainage issues

Let’s Talk Scenic Rim

Council officially launched its new digital engagement platform, Let’s Talk Scenic Rim earlier this year. It will be an accessible and inclusive online engagement tool that will help the community connect with Council and engage in two-way conversations across a range of projects. I encourage every resident to sign up and give your feedback to a variety of projects and consultation topics. Have your say and do your part to help grow your community.

Community Consultation

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a Councillors are the interactions and talks that I have with residents. I am not shy about just stopping and talking to someone who have just pulled into their driveway or are walking along the road. I like and need to hear what you have to say about what you need in your community. If you see me out and about give me a wave and I will stop for a chat.

Thank You Nicole

I’d like to thank Nicole Pardilanan who has selflessly volunteered as the president of the TM Hall for the past 10+ years ensuring the hall was well looked after and in a financial position. Thank You Nic for your long service!

Cr Jeff McConnell with Outgoing Hall President Nicole Pardilanan
Cr Jeff McConnell with Outgoing Hall President Nicole Pardilanan

Quote Of The Day

Nearly all men can stand Adversity, but if you want to test a man’s true character, give him Power             – Abraham Lincoln

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