Call And Response

… Thank You For Sharing 

Thank you for the emails responding to the invitation to help others by sharing what motivates you. Nine emails were received and in no particular order are published below.

Continued from last month’s article, inviting your motivational strategies; there are a couple of you in common with PODCAST – listening to podcasts. You share a thirst for new information and listening to selected podcasts is one of the ways you quench this thirst. Thank you for bringing our attention to Podcast as being a potentially useful tool though I do disclaim I am not au fait with it but as the article invitation suggested; what works for you?

Q. What is your strategy for motivation? How do you ‘pep-up’ or inspire yourself to make a start on something? What is it; a thought, self-talk, a song, a phrase, is it simple or complex, a mantra or belief system – that motivates you?

I don’t think about it. Don’t do heavy. Just do it. Is what it is.

I’d find that 5 second rule far too overwhelming I already have so much to think about for everyone else before I even get to me. Maybe that’s problem. 

When someone asks me twice then I might do it sad but true.

I am a LIST kinda girl !!! Could not imagine my life without them … AND PODCAST!

Forget prioritising. Delegation is the KEY. Get someone else to do it. Lighten the load!

I go for humour everytime like I don’t wanna Adult today! I listen to a Podcast instead of everyday the same ol yapiity yap :-0

SLOW DOWN. When a car gets up your backside to push you “slow down.” When life pushes you busy SLOW DOWN. Drive your life your way. What do they say “stay in your lane” SLOW DOWN the busy you will have more time and energy to do other things.

One is generally either a when in doubt don’t or when in doubt do. The doers get it done.

NETFLIX isn’t that what we all do? Oh no wait that’s waiting for the motivation to pass.

A community member also verbally shared their motivation song is ‘Pressure Down’ by John Farnham. 

A few of my personal own – a mixed bag of doing, self-regulation, and planning: 

Designated house cleaning morning (Saturday) couple of hours only, mild to moderate is my capacity, music cranked, vacuuming, nice smelly stuff around, cushions put in the sun, windows open let the fresh air and sunshine in, just a little routine to freshen things up. Then I sit in the sun to have my coffee and I really do take three slow, deep breaths ? “Sometimes, no correction – often”, it has been the week since I took a deep breath. Having a routine in place on a certain day and for a small amount time; that I make somewhat enjoyable, helps to motivate me.

TRY to accept what is for the other person (adult) without trying to change it for them. You’re not condoning with what they are doing or what is happening to them. Support them and Respect them but DO NOT do more work on their problems than they do.

Regulate your Empathy – it’s not a free for all or subscription to your channel.

‘Yes it is what it is’ but what you do next is up to you (Dr. Seuss inspired).

Being Human with you