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Not A Sleepy Hollow – Team Is Back To Business

Police News

The best part of the year on the Mountain and in the Tamborine district, 

is right now I reckon. Clear skies, cool evenings, and a bit of sunshine occasionally thrown in.

The crew have been busy, and we have dealt with a variety of matters on the Mountain during the past 28 days which included the school holiday period. We have had drug offenders, unlicenced drivers, traffic crashes, domestic issues and the occasional tourist forgetting their driving skills!! So yes, it’s not a sleepy hollow up here and there is always something going on. 

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing their kids back off to school for the second half of the year. Please keep an eye out for them as they pop up on the road before you know it. You may have seen a few different faces amongst the crew up here. It’s been great to have new faces with a fresh perspective on Policing, you may have met them. Having said that, it’s back to business for the team. We have a full complement of staff on board, and they are only too willing to help those in need and deal with those who can’t help themselves. Let’s face it, we also deal with those who should really get out of their own way sometimes, seriously…….

Moving forward we have the markets appearing to make a very healthy recovery, and Gallery Walk quite busy amongst the huge variety of places for people to visit. Every parking spot possible is taken, but we will issue infringements for rule breakers; it creates an unsafe environment for people and vehicles, so bear that in mind. 

As always, report matters that might seem suspicious, your information is just a phone call away and may help save someone’s life or protect their property, you never know! 

Sgt Mark Shields

OIC North Tamborine Police