Pushing Onto Paris

Inside Sport With Big Dave

Does Decision Have A Golden Lining?

As the giant shadow cast from the 2021 Olympic Games fades off into the sunset, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the
decisions athletes face over the very near future in regards to pushing
on to Paris in 2024.

With the carrot dangling a year closer, being it just three years between
Olympics this time around, it must be oh so tempting for those reaching
the twilight years of their respective sports to push on. For those who
came oh so close and getting silver, one last chance to reach the summit before Ol’ Father Time intervenes and has he or she ‘pulling up stumps’.

On the other hand, those winning gold, may have an insatiable palette for the victory dais. Possibly new found fame that winning gold brings with a determination to defend their win in a similar way to how a heavy-weight boxer defends their title.

For those who didn’t find their way to a top three Olympic finish, maybe
the decision was made for them in a round-a-bout way to: work harder,
take a risk, or play more conservatively at times. Just an out and out learning experience to draw upon in three years time.

For some, their sport has been the only thing they have ever really known: dominating school sports carnivals, going on to represent at District, State, National, and Open Age Level, even being selected for elite training squads, and then at the ripe old age of somewhere in their mid to late 20’s, having to step outside that sports bubble into a totally different world. New routines, new friendship circles, it truly must be extremely daunting!

Whatever their desires going forward, I’d like to thank all the participants
from Tokyo – you supplied an enthralling games and a tonic the world
desperately needed.

Until next month, remember you’re a long time retired!
Big Dave (Tamborine Mountain Foodworks)