Pay Attention & Watch Out For Scarecrows!

Police News
Police News

What a great time of year to be living on the mountain as well as in the local region!!

The weather has been fantastic for the recent Scarecrow Festival and it was great to see everyone out and about enjoying themselves whilst practising social distancing. As usual there were some high-quality scarecrows on show. At night they often had me taking a second glance to check if they were a real person up to no good. Speaking of people up to no good, some of the scarecrows were vandalised/stolen/set alight – what’s wrong with some people!!!
We have had break and enter reports from Gallery Walk businesses recently. A friendly reminder that we need to secure our homes/businesses/vehicles. Unfortunately we still need to protect ourselves from the scumbags who think it’s ok to take peoples hard earned possessions and damage property. As usual, if you see anything suspicious or out of character please report it to Policelink on 131444. Every little piece of information can help put the jigsaw puzzle together.
As the weather heats up, we enter what I like to call the “silly season”. Brought about by alcohol consumption people tend to make poor choices more than usual during the silly season.
Two recent examples are cases of people drink driving and putting other road users and themselves in danger. These drivers were both high range readings with one more than five times the legal limit. The other takes the idiot of the week award for not only high range drink driving but also being on the phone, crossing double solid white lines directly into the path of an oncoming police vehicle. Thankfully no one was injured or worse, lost a life. I can’t stress enough how dangerous drinking and driving a vehicle is.
Lastly can I ask you all to pay attention on our roads. We have had a spate of traffic crashes recently and with school holidays upon us there will be more traffic on our roads. Be observant whilst you are driving, scanning ahead for any possible dangers that can present themselves at short notice. Even good drivers are involved in traffic crashes through no fault of their own. The more you focus while driving, the better your chances are of avoiding an accident.
Until next time, keep safe.
A/Sgt Chris Woollard
North Tamborine Police