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Cecile Falvey - Happiness Is Weaving Every Day

Cecile Falvey’s Book Of Inspiration

Cecile Falvey - Happiness Is Weaving Every Day
Cecile Falvey At Book Launch With Long Time Friend, Sallyanne Atkinson

When you first hear that a book has been written about weaving, your first thought may be that it will be a book about the craft of weaving. But as you flip through the pages, you will soon discover that this book is a memoir about the profound inspiration weaving has had on Cecile Falvey’s life.
Weaving is one of the most ancient forms of art, and Cecile Falvey, who lives in our midst, has been a significant advocator and promoter of weaving for more than 50 years.

Her weaving journey began when her love of art was born while at All Hallow’s Girls Secondary School in Fortitude Valley, becoming a student of Kelvin Grove Teacher’s College for three years, graduating to become a Junior Lecturer and helping to form the Textile section of the Art Department at the college with weaving as her specialty. She held her first textile exhibition at the Don McInnes Gallery in Brisbane in 1968, and in 1969 founded the Queenslands Spinners, Weavers and Dyers which now has over 300 members. Cecile was one of only four Australians to be invited to be a foundation member of the World Craft Council.

Cecile explains her life’s journey as a weaver is not an extraordinary one, but that the effort alone, as shown in the book, will be an inspiration – as well as keeping alive a 2000 year old craft. Long time friend, Sallyanne Atkinson, Former Lord Mayor Of Brisbane, was delighted to be invited to write the foreword for Cecile’s book, which can be found in the National Library Canberra, the Brisbane State Library, GOMA Library, and the Brisbane Council Library, as well as the Tamborine Mountain Library. Cecile’s book is available for purchase, she can be contacted on 07 5545 2396 or ffcec@bigpond.com.

Cecile Falvey - Happiness Is Weaving Every Day
Cecile Falvey – Happiness Is Weaving Every Day