Anzac Day Driveway Commemoration

Anzac Wreaths
Anzac Wreaths
Anzac Wreaths at Cenotaph in 2019

Due to the current pandemic situation, there is a call for people
to come to where their driveway meets the road at 6am
on 25th April 2020 for one minute’s silence while listening to or
watching a National Broadcast as a nationwide ‘driveway tribute’ to our fallen. If safe, a candle can be held, and/or torch or mobile phone.
Appropriate social distancing behaviour must be adhered to, no more than two people in a gathering unless family. If people would like, they can tuck a flower from their garden into their fence as a sign of remembrance.
DO NOT GO TO THE CENOTAPH. The Anzac Committee regrets that for this year they will not be able to lower and raise the flags at the Cenotaph. Thank you for your acknowledgment of our service personnel and animals in all capacities – past, fallen and active.
Lest we forget. May you all stay safe.
(It should be noted that candles should not be left unattended at any time.)