Possible Fines By Police Over Easter

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Possible fines for people who continue to ignore mass gathering and social distancing directives

myPolice on Apr 6, 2020 @ 2:46pm

Logan police are increasing their presence at key locations in the District after weekend reports of non-compliance with the Chief Health Officer mass gathering directions.
Acting Chief Superintendent Mel Adams of Logan Police District said police were disappointed with the number of people loitering at lookout points and in parks in contravention of the well-publicised directives.
“Police were needed to help a local centre management in controlling the public visiting a large shopping centre, ignoring social distancing directions and apparently not attending for essential needs such as the purchase of food.
‘‘Our officers are continuing to respond to a growing number of complaints regarding the public not complying with the Chief Health Officer’s directions. The situation at Tamborine Mountain and a shopping centre at Logan in particular were concerning and clearly non-compliant.
“Our stance has been to communicate and educate as much as possible. The majority of the public are working hard to comply with the direction to isolate.
“However, if people continue to ignore the restrictions and the Chief Health Officer’s directions, they can expect to be fined.
“If you are sitting at a lookout, having coffee in a park, loitering in a shopping centre outside the parameters of the directions, you may be fined. Public safety comes first and we urged people to stay at home.”
Under the provisions of the Public Health Act, police officers can take enforcement action against anyone who is failing to comply with public health directions set out by the Chief Health Officer.
Officers can also issue on the spot fines of $1334 for individuals and $6,672 for corporations which fail to abide by the health directions.