Doggone It, It’s A Doggie Day!

Pooches And Their Pals Enjoy A Garden Picnic
About nine canines arrived with their owners to enjoy an afternoon in the gardens of historic Plunkett Villa, a property steeped in Irish heritage. Best friends relaxed together, listening to soothing Celtic tones, dining on fine picnic platters and crawling through a doggie obstacle course (the dogs that is)!

The property offers both two-legged and four-legged guests stunning views of Tamborine Mountain and an expansive space to roam. The Ploughman’s Platters were packaged in an impressive, environmentally friendly serving box, and filled with delicacies such as Irish cheeses, vegetable medley, and pickled cucumber.

It was ever so relaxing, with some guests even falling asleep – and not just the ‘perky pooches’! To find out about their next Sunday doggie afternoon gathering @ 26-70 Albert River Place, Tamborine, give Cecily a call on 0412 370 698.
And you too can be doggone!